July Day 5 :: On the Floor

A few weeks ago I replaced the carpet in our living space. We used to have a solid gray shag carpet. I liked it for about a day until we walked on it and the fibers got smashed down and it started shedding like a dog. The worst part was vacuuming that sucker. My vacuum has two settings, one for bare floors and another for carpet, and it detects the length of the carpet and adjusts its suction accordingly. Well, the fibers on the shag carpet were so long it didn't know what to do and would stop sucking all together. It would give up on me. So I'd have to turn to off, turn it on and keep doing this until it finally recognized the length of the carpet. Then it shed so horribly it would clog my vacuum and I'd have to pull out the fibers that got wrapped around that rolly thing on the bottom of the vacuum. Yeah, it was a huge ordeal. So because of this I would wait way too long in between vacuuming, and then carpet would be this smashed down, filthy mess, and every time I looked at it it depressed me. So when looking for a new carpet I required a low maintenance no shag, no shed carpet. Of course it had to be pretty too. This carpet has been fabulous and shed free. I even enjoy vacuuming it. It's pretty too.

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