July Day 6 :: Chair

This is the chair in which I spend a lot of my time these days. We bought it just before I had Hudson with the intention of feeding him and rocking him in it. It's been good to us. Plus the leather makes for an easy wipe down when we have a spit-up situation. A little tip for mothers-to-be, and something that has been for me, is have a basket with a few necessities close to where you nurse. I keep in that basket some nusing and other baby essentials. I have nursing pads, lotion, thermometer, Hudson's vitamins, a syringe, books, and water in it. I might suggest having something like this near where you might nurse. Maybe get a cuter basket. My sister just informed me that my basket's not very cute.

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  1. Such a great tip that I am going to use! I actually have been thinking about how we need to buy a chair for me to nurse in after the baby is born. I better get on that!


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