August Day 1 :: Outside

Isn't it pretty. That's the view I get to look out to while doing the dishes, preparing a bottle or cooking. We used to have trees, bushes and grass back there. I used to take my outfit pictures back there when I had pretty places to do so (partly the reason why I don't do fashion posts anymore), but a year ago Nathan had everything taken out with plans to landscape. Turns out landscaping is pretty darn expensive and for a year now we've been thinking about what we want to do. We've had the sprinkler line moved in preparation for having some pavement put down, but it turns out that concrete is like a $3,000 job for the square footage we have. We are contemplating other options and figuring out the cheapest way to get something nice done back there. Until then I have this beautiful view. Don't be jealous.
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  1. I am jealous of that grill...more specifically the grill masters meals!


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