Tutorial :: Sew a Maxi Skirt in Half an Hour

I can't stop wearing or making maxi skirts. They are so simple to make, how can I help myself? Plus, this skirt only cost me $6. The tutorial below will allow you to make one in as little time as a half hour.

- knit fabric with good stretch (I used Sew Classics purchased from Joann's)
-elastic thread
-matching thread
-measuring tape
-chalk, pen or pencil
-tissue paper or something to trace onto
-sewing machine

NOTE: When working with stretchy fabrics such a knits, it is important to not pull on the fabric or stretch it as you sew, if you do your skirt will turn out huge!

1. Figure out how much fabric you need to buy. You want to buy enough for the length you want your skirt to be + an inch or a little less for the hem + 4-6 inches for the waistband, this depends on how thick you want it. I cut 6"  for my waistband and I bought 42" of fabric and I'm 5'5" just so you have an idea.

2. Fold your fabric in half with right sides together. Make sure the stretch of the fabric goes across your body from hip to hip, not down your body. You want it to stench over your hips so you can put it on.
3. Cut the fabric in half at the fold.
4.  Make waistband pattern: with a measuring tape, measure yourself from hip to hip. You don't have to worry about adding on length for the seams. The fabric is stretchy and will be pretty forgiving. Take that measurement and with your tissue paper create a rectangle. The length of the rectangle will be your hip measurement and the width is 4-6 inches. Cut this out and pin it to the very top of your fabric.

5. Draw out skirt: using chalk, taper the fabric out from the waistband down to the bottom. Think of it like making a big triangle. I wanted this skirt to be more fitted around my butt and thighs so I didn't fair it out too much from the waistband right away. Starting about where my knees would be I started to flair it out. If you want yours to fit looser around butt and thighs, start flaring out where waistband ends. I used the full width of the bottom of the fabric for the bottom of my skirt. You want it to be wide so you have enough room for your stride. I didn't really get too mathematical here. I just free handed it.
6. Cut out your skirt.
7. With right sides of the fabric together sew up the sides of your skirt. I used a 3/8" seam.

8. Iron your seams down flat. I didn't do this as you can see from my pictures because my iron is broken, but you want to do this so you will have crisp seams. 

9. Try it on inside out. At this point, make sure it's as tight as you want. If you want it tighter go back and sew a larger side seam.

10. Create waistband: while it is on inside out, fold the top of the skirt down about an inch and then fold it down again to cover the raw edge. Make sure the waistband is even all the way around your waist. Pin it in place while it is on you.
11. Slide it off and sew down the waistband you just created. I used elastic thread for the waistband so it will stretch easily. Find out how to use elastic thread here.

12. Sew the hem and iron skirt...

...and it's as simple as that!

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  1. I really like this one. I like the snugness around the hips.

  2. I went out today and bought some knit fabric just because of your little tutorial! I had a 40% off at Hobby Lobby so I got it for $4.36! LOVE A GOOD DEAL! haven't made it yet, but I'm going to tackle it probably tomorrow during nap time

  3. sweet! totally making this. i have a long-ish maxi skirt that i made that i need shortened but didn't like the idea of an elastic waistband anymore! jersey waistband all the way.


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