Chalkboard Labels for Baby Changing Station

Ever since I got my hands on my first can of chalkboard paint, I've been a little obsessed. I've been looking around my house thinking about what I can turn into a chalkboard. I've already made three picture frame chalkboards, and I'm sure I'll make more; then I thought of turning the plain 'ol wicker baskets in Hudson's changing table into cute 'ol wicker chalkboard baskets. It was super easy. All I needed was a package of wooden rectangles from Michael's since I already had the other supplies.

All you need to do is paint them. I did a few coats and let them dry the allotted time indicated on the can of paint. Then you want to season the chalkboards. This means you hold the chalk sideways and rub it all over. This is very important if you want your chalk to be vibrant. It creates a necessary dusting on the surface. Then I simple used my hot glue gun to glue them onto the baskets, and there you have it. Now I have cute baskets that I can label with different things through the years. I'll share some more of my chalkboard creations later.

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  1. clever idea. I love chalkboard paint!

  2. Chalkboard is so cool, and that looks adorable!

  3. I love chalkboard paint! I plan on doing many things with mine that I have... one involves painting a square in Breslin's playroom and buying a cheap frame to go around it, and then Breslin can write on the wall... but for the time being I have only painted the stems and bases of wine glasses... then school started and time ran out for pinteresting and being creative!!!!


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