Dear Hudson :: 7 Months

So much has happened in one month Hudson, mommy doesn't know where to begin. You truly are such a joy--such a good boy. You are at a very fun age. Here's what's been going on around here:

-You are sitting up on your own, and prefer to. If mommy leans you back on a pillow, you use your abdominals to pull yourself up so that you are sitting on your own. You'll then quickly pull yourself all the way forward and plop over onto your stomach.
-You are getting very close to crawling. For now you get on all fours and rock from front to back, as if getting ready for take off, and just yesterday you started to put one hand and one knee forward. I bet you'll be crawling all around this place in a week or two.
-You are finally growing your first tooth! We've been waiting for what seems like forever for this to happen. It's just broke through the surface, but you don't seem too bothered by it.
-You are sitting up in shopping carts and restaurant high chairs now.
-You want everything within arms-reach to be in your mouth.
-You hold your bottle like a big boy.
-You love to smack your hands down on tabletops and floors because you love the sound it makes. 
-You still get hiccups a lot, a curse you got from mommy.
-You think Sarah and Delilah are hilarious and laugh at them often as they play together.
-You are sleeping so well lately. On average you fall asleep at 7:15pm and wake up around 7:15am.
-Your daytime naps were a bit sketchy there for a while, and we've been working to improve them. Mommy and Daddy actually went back to swaddling and sleeping you in your rock-and-play during the day, and you seem to prefer that as your naps went from 20 minutes to up to 2 hours.
-People say you are looking a lot like your mommy, but Mommy and Daddy agree that you are a perfect blend.
-You went to your first baseball games on August 24th. Daddy was excited to be there with you, and mommy will cherish that memory forever.
 -Daddy takes care of you during the day while Mommy's at work, and he does a wonderful job. You go to the gym with him in the morning and the childcare ladies hold you until Daddy's done. Afterward, you guys often times go grocery shopping and Daddy straps you to his chest in the baby carrier. Daddy says he enjoys taking care of you, and it makes mommy's day at work less stressful knowing you are with someone who loves you just as much as I.
-You truly are a happy, good boy. People comment on how well-behaved and mellow you are. You hardly ever cry, nor do you whine much as a matter of fact. You are very even-tempered and easy going. 

Almost Crawling

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