Dear Hudson :: 8 Months

Aunt Amber said that 8 months is her favorite baby age, and I can see why. You are ridiculously adorable at this age. There is a new discovery with you everyday as you realize the capabilities your body has. Here are some of those discoveries:

-The biggest discovery is you can crawl. It seems like one day you only propped yourself up and the next you were jetting around this place. You love to chase the dogs back and forth; it never gets old to you. You are a quick one. You inherited speed from both mommy and daddy and we already see it in you. Sometimes your arms can't even keep up with the speed of your legs so you topple toward and hit your cheek on the ground. Usually tears follow, but a quick hug by mommy and daddy and you are on to the next thing.
-Overall, you are a tough kid. There have been numerous times where we believed you would cry from your fall, but you just roll over and crawl onwards toward whatever caught your eye.
-You have two bottom teeth and your two top ones are just barely breaking through. This explains the puddles of drool on the wood floor.
-If mommy puts puff cereal on your tray, you can pick them up and feed yourself. 
-You seem to favor your left hand.
-You pull yourself up to stand on every piece of furniture in this house. Getting back down again has been a work in progress with a few bumps along the way, but you're getting the hang of it. We lowered your crib 3 times last month because of your ability to stand up.
-Your favorite toys seem to be household items like bowls, plates and tupperware. You could bang them on the floor and listen to the sound it makes all day.
-Mommy calls you all sorts of nicknames. The stranger ones include: Goopy, Booby, and Gooch. The not so weird ones are: Hudsie and Honey
-Your hair is growing in. Despite mommy's hope that you do not inherent her curls, you have these little wispy curls around your ears--they are really cute actually.
-You get super excited and make little panting sounds as you crawl around the chasing after your toys or the dogs.
-Bouncing is your new thing. You will bounce sitting on the floor, in your crib and even bounce your body while mommy and daddy rock to to sleep. 
-You babble all the day through. You say: mama, wawa, dayday, baba, gege, heeey, blahblah and many other super cute sounds. In fact, when you are tired you make the cutest, smallest sounds in a little sweet voice. And you've started making a funny little "Uh. Uh." or "Oo. Oo" when you are just sitting and chilling. It's like you're thinking about something. It cracks mommy and daddy up.
-You an daddy have a great routine established and he does a wonderful job with you while I'm at work.
-Mommy loves seeing you and daddy interact. You two are the coolest cats I know. 
-You have hands-down the cutest smile and most charming laugh I've ever seen or heard.
-You LOVE monkey. He is your best friend. Sometimes monkey will hang out in your crib all day, and when mommy shows him to you before bed you make your super excited panting sound, grab him and pull him in tight. You love sucking on his tail, and you talk to him in the mornings before either mommy or daddy comes in to get you.

You are the happiest, sweetest boy I know. You're my buddy and I love you more and more each day. Coming home to you after work and seeing your sweet smile is my favorite part of the day. You are attached to my hip from that moment until I place you in your crib at night.

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  1. Hey girl, I just found your blog and I love it! Such adorable photos and I love the mix of life, fashion and DIY. Newest follower! xx.

    I'd love for you to check out my fashion blog and follow along, too if you'd like!

  2. what a great blog! hudson is soo cute btw! just found your blog and am your newest follower :) would love for u to drop by mine if u get a chance!

    XO Meghan

  3. I think you are smitten. I dont blame you he is soso cute. Each day is a new adventure.


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