The Tradition Lives On

Each year, for my entire life, I've gone to Lombardi's Ranch during Halloween time. As a child I loved playing in, and climbing on, the giant pumpkin and looking at the turkeys in the zoo, and as a teenager, I enjoyed searching for the perfect pumpkin to carve into a spooky jack-o-lantern. I'm sure it brought my mother great joy to bring her family there each year, and things have come full circle because this year I took my child to Lombardi's for the first time. I showed him the turkeys, sat him in the pumpkins and took a hayride. I'm happy to continue the family tradition, and it was a perfectly fall day. It felt like Halloween.

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  1. Melody, you look great lately. Not that you haven't before, just even more so! :-)

  2. Sweet post. I love full circles.

  3. So fun! What a great tradition. I love your outfit by the way. Hey are you still selling your crochet headbands?


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