My favorite time of the day is the spent putting Hudson to bed. I have put him to bed every night, save for maybe one or two nights, since the day of his birth. Bedtime begins with a warm bath. Hudson splashes away and sucks on his toys while I rub and scrub the surface and crevices of his yummy little body. When I'm done I sing a nursery rhyme of two or simply listen to him babble away. After about ten minutes, when the eye rubbing begins, it's out of the bath and into the towel. I squeeze him and he smiles back. I diaper Hudson, lotion his perfect skin and anoint his heel with Serenity essential oil; I put jammies on him, feed him his vitamins (which he loves) and give him a few teething tablets. Then it's into the rocking chair we go where blankie and monkey are patiently waiting. We snuggle up and read "I Love You Through and Through" which is followed by a bottle. Hudson plays with monkey's tail while he drinks. My favorite moments is when he finishes and curls into me with eyes closed and mouth open waiting for his pacifier. I rock him for a few minutes until he tries rolling over in my arms. At that point, I put him in his crib, and he immediately rolls over onto his belly with monkey under his arm and puts himself to sleep for a twelve hour + slumber. These are the sweetest moments spent with my boy.

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  1. Life does not get any better in that moment! Ahhhh, this is the stuff we'll be gushing about for the rest of our lives:-) xoxo

  2. Those are precious times. It is wonderful that you are recording them.


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