Dear Hudson :: 9 Months

Last week, on Halloween actually, you turned nine months old. You've been with me on the outside as long as you were with me on the inside. The months are passing like seconds, but they are precious seconds. I seem to say to you daily, "You're a real baby!" which sounds funny because obviously you're not fake, but what I mean by it is you embody everything a baby should.

-You weighted 19lbs. 6oz. at your 9 month appointment, which puts you in the 38th percentile, and you were 29 inches long putting you in the 83rd percentile for height. So you are still a long and lean little tyke.  
-You have four teeth coming in strongly with two more just breaking the surface. I know these bother you greatly because you are very fussy with your bottles and don't even want to finish most of them.
-Luckily, you are eating more solids and eating more of what mommy and daddy eat. You enjoy chilling in your high chair snacking away, and you are so cute when you eat. You speak in you little squeaky voice while chewing.
-Nothing makes you laugh more than chasing the dogs around. You are very agile too, changing directions in step with the dogs.
-You are so silly when you are in your walker. You get a look of determination on your face and race forward full-steam-ahead until you crash into the wall, and turn around and sprint the other directions. Back and forth you go.  You love
-You are such a boy. You love your toy car. You roll it around on the floor just like it's supposed to be done. Sometimes you push it and chase after it too.
-You are starting to recognize music and shake your little tushy to the beat. You 'dance' a lot while we are feeding you too, and you shake your body back and forth.
-You really are goofy. You do silly little things. For example, while drinking your bottle you will hold one arm straight in the air and swing it back and forth, or you'll just flick your wrist and wave with your arm straight up. Sometimes you'll stick your thumb in your mouth, not to suck of it, but you'll flick it and twirl it around around between your lips and make funny noises.
-Monkey continues to be your best buddy.
-You can walk, but only with the aid of your walker. I think you may be walking before your first birthday.

-You say mama and dada with more meaning, at least I'd like to believe so.

Gosh, there are so many little things you do that I cherish that I can't even capture in words. I feel so honored that I get to be your mommy. Sometimes I think it's a shame the whole world doesn't get to watch you grow because you are pretty darn adorable.

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