The Look for Less

I pride myself on the fact that I dress fashionably for less. I rarely buy tops for more than $20 and all my shoes cost less than $50. See I didn't grown up with a ton of money, and even now as an adult I try to be frugal. I shop sales and places where you can get stylish items for less. So when I was perusing the internet this weekend checking out Black Friday deals, I stumbled upon Banana Republic's website. Despite always adoring their clothing, I have bought one blouse from them in my lifetime. As a browsed, I found the picture above and realized the outfit was very similar to one on wore a few weeks ago and it was a fractions of the price. That dress retails for over $100 and I got mine from Walmart for $12. The shoes are nearly $200 and I got mine from Target for about $30. The tights are $25 and mine were less than $10 at Target. Even though I adore fashion, I don't think I can ever spend big bucks on clothes; I'm just conditioned not to. Besides I apparently don' t need to in order to look editorialesque.

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