Dear Hudson :: 10 Months

 Ten months. Boy, you are growing up so fast. Everyday is an adventure with you. You could not make mommy any happier than you already do. Daddy loves you too; you guys are buddies. Here's what you've been up to:

-Your newest trick is clapping. Your started doing it on your own, but will mimic mommy when she does it too.
-You dance. You dance when you hear a tune you like, and you do a little dance when you like what you are eating.
-You love The Grinch and Mickey's Christmas Carol. We put these on for you when you drink your bottles and eat your solids. You are engrossed.
-You must have something in each hand at all times. While eating cheerios, you need some in both hands, while playing with your toys you want one or each. -You are laughing a ton. You have this little giggle that is infectious and gets mommy and daddy giggling too.
-You are a smart little guy. It's amazing to see you figuring things out. Before, when you used to get stuck in your walker and couldn't get up and over a certain ledge in our home, you'd wait for us to come lift you over, but you've figured out that you can pull up on the try and use your legs to push up and over it all on your own. Brilliant!
-Your are getting more daring. You like to walk the length of the couch, holding onto it for support. You will go back and forth, back and forth, giggling your giggle, and you are starting to take a few steps on your own from the couch to the ottoman, or from the couch to the chair. I think you will walk before you turn one, but we will see.
-You will stand and balance on your own for a few seconds too. 
-You love Cheerios. I can put some Cheerios mixed with toast on your tray, and you will shift through the boring toast for the sweet Cheerios. And how you eat them is so cute. You poke them with your pointer finger to which they stick and you take your finger stick it on your mouth.
-You still need to be swaddled in order to sleep well during the day and we still put you in your rock-in-play. I don't know what I'm going to do when you out grow that.
-At night you sleep like a champ. You are still sleeping 12+ hours a night. Putting you to bed is so chill. After you finish your bottle you are ready to go to sleep, and you don't even need me to rock you anymore. When I put you in your crib wide awake, you roll over and talk to monkey until you fall asleep.
-You have four teeth with two more coming in strong.
-You are getting to the stage where you get mad if mommy or daddy takes something away from you, but you quickly forget your frustrations and move onto the next thing.
-You took your first plane ride to Grandma Hanson-Brooks in Utah for Thanksgiving. You loved watching the airplanes take off and land.
-You have an ever expanding vocabulary. of course the words are all still baby gibberish, but you say all kinds of cute things.
-You say Mama and Dada, and I'd like to tell myself that there is meaning behind it.

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  1. Kaitlynn started to walk at 10 months. It could happen to Hudson too.


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