Hudson's First Christmas


The day started with Nathan gettingnhudson in the morning, so that was my first present of the day. I slept in until 8:00. We didn't do a big Christmas breakfast. Maybe we will next year. Hudson was semi nterested in his first but by the time we were ready to open it was time for his morning nap. While he napped, Nathan and I opened our first from each other. We got each other shoes, clothes, accessories and brown leather jackets. When Hudson woke, he opened his with my help. He got some fun toys and clothes.

After presents we went out for Chinese food which is something we started last year. We went because number 1: it's the only restaurant that's open and number 2: they do it on A Christmas Story.

The rest of the afternoon was chill. We napped, Skyped with family, and Hudson played with his toys. He was asleep 40 minutes earlier than usual. The kid was pooped out. All in all, it was a nice first Christmas with Hudson. I look forward to many more happy Christmases. And I cannot forget the true meaning of this season and Jesus Christ, his life and sacrifice.


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