Our Christmas Party

Yesterday we hosted a Christmas party. It was a lunchtime party as we had friends coming all the way from San Clemente, who have a one year old, so we didn't want to have it too late. We decided to have a buffet of different food instead of a formal sit down meal. We served pork, chicken, and chili & cheese tamales; lasagne made from a recipe straight from Italy, Natalie salad (copied from Wood Ranch Grill), soft pretzels, buffalo wings, and candied almonds, candied by yours truly. We had a bevy of drinks too. I wanted to do a rustic Christmas theme for the decor. I just used items I had lying around the house already. I was really happy with the presentation. Our friends and family ate and hung out into the late afternoon. The babies even got their naps in and Hudson stole the show when he made his appearance in his Santa suit. He even took his first four steps.


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