Thanksgiving in Utah 2012

We braved a trip to Utah yet again for Thanksgiving, but there was no way we would do that drive again with a baby, so we decided to try out flying. For the most part it went well, save for a brief crying fit, Hudson did really well. Granted, it's only an hour and forty-five minute flight, if it was any longer than that it could have been more difficult. Hudson loved the airplanes. When we were on the landing strip taxing and planes were taking off and landing around us and he would watch them until they disappeared from sight. He's such a little boy.

We stayed with Nathan's mother and husband, and his sister lives in the basement with her family, so there was a big groups around the whole time which was nice. On Wednesday we went to Temple Square and City Creek Mall--such a nice mall! Thursday was turkey day of course. Nathan's mother made a beautiful and delicious spread. Friday we did some Black Friday shopping, we were lazy most of the day. Then on Friday night myself, Nathan, his sister Trina and her husband Jack went out to dinner and back up to Temple Square for the Christmas lighting, and some more shopping at City Creek Mall. Hudson was home asleep in his crib while Grandmas and Grandpa watched over him.

We left Saturday. It was a good get away. It was nice being in Utah for the holiday because the cold weather made it feel festive. Now I can't believe how quickly Christmas is approaching.

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  1. Such great photos. I love that last one! Utah in November is so nice :) P.S. you are looking thinner!


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