6 Days in Texas

Hudson and I flew to Texas to visit my parents and sisters last week. It was great fun. I'm glad my mom got to see Hudson at this adorable age. Just before we left Hudson was braely learning to walk, but while in Texas he really took off. I'm glad my mom got to see that. She was able to feed him, cuddle him, play with him and put him to sleep.
My parents have a little chihuahua, Buddy, which was fun for Hudson since he's used to having them around. He was able to play with Buddy just like he would Sarah and Delilah. It was fun for my dad to see this. He thought is was so funny how they played tug of war together.

My sister Amber has three boy and Brayden came to spend the night one of the nights, it was cute to see him make Hudson laugh.

Oh, and Hudson learned to crawl up stairs. He is quite the adventurer. He kept crawling back to them to crawl up again and again. Thanks goodness we live in a one story home!

While there we shopped, ate and played games. We also went to see Les Miserables which was so good! I'm glad I saw it with Amber. For so many years, she played the music on the piano while I sang. Some of my happiest memories. I saw the play about 8 years ago, but Amber has not, so the movie really touched her as she saw the songs come to life. I'm glad I was able to share that with her.
My youngest sister Serena lives out there with her husband and they spent the night over one night. I enjoyed talking with them a d playing games together. We had some great laughs. I was able to see their cute little apartment too--such cute little newly weds.
On the flight home Hudson was such a good boy; he slept for about 2 of the hours for which I'm so grateful. He was so glad to see daddy and I think he realized how much he'd missed him because all he wanted to do was be in his arms and cried when Nathan put him down. He loves his daddy. And I love my family both near and far. Thanks for a great trip mom and day!

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