Hudson's 1st Birthday Party






A few weeks ago we celebrated Hudson's first birthday a little early. He was lucky to have a good group of people around to celebrate with him. He was extra lucky because his Grandma Blair made last minute plans to come out and it happened to be the weekend of his party. We had some yummy food from Wood Ranch to indulge in and there was cake of course. When we all sang happy birthday to Hudson he didn't really understand and looked around confused and wondered what the glowing brown thing was in front of him. I made a wish for him and blew out his candle. He was not a fan of the chocolate cake and was over it pretty quickly. He did not get that from his mommy. It was wonderful to have so many friends and family there crammed into our small abode all for Hudson.


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  1. So sweet! I'm a sucker for 1st birthday parties:-) xoxo

  2. Your parties are so quaint and perfect! Happy Birthday nephew :)


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