It Took a While

I know we're supposed to write down our new year resolutions on or before New Years Day, but better late than never right? These last few weeks I've been marinating ideas in my head as to what I what to achieve and/or change this year. It's been a few years since I've made resolutions, but for some reason this year I actually wanted to. So here they go:

  1. I'm going to drink more water. I even bought a 32oz refillable bottle off eBay and I've already seen improvements in my skin. Honesty, I was only drinking about one class of water at night after my nightly shower.
  2. I want to be cleaner, not hygienically, but in terms of housekeeping. I tend to be a little lax in this area. My house isn't an utter mess, but it can get cluttered and dusty. I resolve to do the dishes in the sink at the end of the day instead of putting them off for the next. I resolve to clean my bedroom and put my clothes away after I take them off. I resolve to clean up clutter that's accumulated over the day i.e. baby toys
  3. I'm gong to wear my contacts more often. I know this sounds totally superficial, but I want to see my face again, and I think that by me always wearing my glasses is representative of the fact that I've grown somewhat lazy.
  4. So I resolve to not be lazy. I want to be more efficient. For some people reading this who know may be thinking, "Melody, what are you saying? You're not lazy." But I feel like I could be more proactive in many areas of my life.
  5. One of those areas being fitness/health. As discussed in previous posts, I've put on weight in recent years and I haven't done a whole lot to get in shape after having a baby. I know that this will be one of the hardest changes to make. When I was in better shape, I had the schedule where I could work out in the mornings, or go running late in the evening--my two favorite times, but those two time slots are now filled with a full time teaching job and a sleeping baby, and I'm really good at making excuses as to why other times slots don't work for me. I'm left with either going after work with Hudson in tow or on the few nights Nathan has off from work. But like I said I'm good at excuses. When it comes to going after work my usual excuses include: I don't want to change in the gym locker room or in the bathroom at work, I have to run errands, Hudson's tired (Nathan drops him with me after school two days a week), I'm tired, I only get so many nights with Nathan and I need to spend them at home with him, I have I get home to relieve the babysitter, I'm hungry, I need to grade, I need to crochet...I could make excuses for days. It's hard for me, and it's hard that this is my reality because I used to exercise everyday of my young life.
  6. So what I've determined this all comes down to is balance. I resolve to find balance in 2013. I need balance my life. If that means cutting out the unnecessary, then so be it.

Just leaving you with a little picture I took earlier this week. It time to stop the monkey business and get on track.


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  1. Those are great resolutions. You will feel great about yourself while working on them. I love the picture of Hudson with the Monkey on his back!

  2. We've got a lot of monkey business going on around here too:-) xoxo

  3. The water one is so good. I need to do that too. I've also resolved to take Fish Oil pills for my skin.


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