Workin' It Again

I'm back at work now. Two days in. So far so good. I love seeing my returning students walk through my classroom door. Here's a secret, to me it's like seeing my best friends at a party where I thought I wouldn't know anyone. See, at my school the students aren't looped into the same classes for the second semester, so I have a bunch of new students this semester along with some returning ones. It's pretty random.
It's always hard to go back. Nathan hates that I complain about it because he says the rest of the population, those who aren't teachers, don't get as much time off as we do so we have no room to complain. I agree, I should be grateful for all the vacation time I get--and I am-- but it's kind of a tease, you know? Just when I start to feel comfortable and like a stay-at-home mom it's time to go back to work. But I am so lucky to go back to work at a job I truly enjoy.
*Top: F21; Cardigan: Old Navy; Leggings: Danskin via Ross; Necklace: Styles for Less; Boots: Volatile via

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