Just an Update

Lately, Nathan and I have been busy. He and I are both working hard to better our lives and our future. Here's what is going on with us lately...

Nathan does so much around here. From 7:45am until he either drops him off with me after school or I get home, Nathan is responsible for Hudson. In the mornings they go to the gym together, and afterward Nathan does the side job he restarted last year. He delivers cookies for his good friend Lady Di's business. This job allows Nathan to drive around with Hudson for some good extra cash. Luckily, Hudson does great in his carseat and usually naps. For most of the day (more time than I get with Hudson), Nathan feeds, plays with, and watches over Hudson. He even squeezes in grocery shopping. A few times a week, Nathan drops Hudson off with me right after school gets out. I bring Hudson into my classroom for a little bit, and then hurry home to get him down for his afternoon nap. Once a week we have a babysitter come in for about two hours. In March, Nathan is starting grad. school to be a educational guidance counselor so he will be working extra hard. Plus, he's lost over 50 pounds since the spring of last year, but that's a whole other post. I'm so proud of this man.

As for me, this school year has been a struggle for me balancing my work load with teaching a new class and my home life responsibilities. I never seem to get caught up. Lap of Luxury keeps me busy too, but it's such a substantial supplemental income, I'm not willing to give it up, so I make it work and have found much more balance lately. The three or four hours I spend at home while Hudson's awake are busy. Luckily, he's starting to take his afternoon nap later so if he keeps it up I'll have some time to clean the hurricane that came through my house while I was at work. My few hours spent with Hudson are precious. Nothing makes me happier. At the end of my work day, any worry, stress, or frustration suddenly disappears when I see his smiling face. He's magic. When he falls asleep, I clean, grade, crochet and watch my shows. I usually go to bed somewhere between 11pm and 12pm. Bad I know.

I've been sticking to my New Years resolutions, so I'm proud of myself. I've lost a little weight and like I said, I've found more balance. Nathan and I have been able to do a little traveling and look forward to some more trips later this year. Nothing extravagant. No New York, but we'll will do Vegas, Texas and most likely Seattle this summer. We love getting away from the norm.

Hudson's growing and learning and laughing and smiling. He recently battled chicken pox and took them like a champ. He's just about the happiest, cutest, quirkiest little boy ever. Every move he makes has so much personality. I love my boy. He fills me with warmth, love, pride and the happiness of all happiness

As Nathan embarks on grad. school, we know there will be stressful moments but look ahead to the future and the final outcome of it all.


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  1. your little guy is so cute! its been awhile since i checked in on your blog and it's been fun catching up! you look great! love your blog!


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