Las Vegas in Less than 24 Hours


We took a speedy trip to Las Vegas. We only stayed one night, but it was fun to get away. The purpose of the trip was mostly so Hudson could meet his great grandpa for the first time. Plus, Nathan and I haven't seen him in nearly four years ourselves. We left early Friday morning and made really good time. After checking-in, we stayed at Excalibur, we headed straight to Gramaldi's Pizza for lunch. We love this pizza. We've been to the original in Brooklyn, NY and go to the Las Vegas one whenever we visit. It was just as good as I anticipated, and both Nathan and I were pleased to learn that one is opening in LA this summer!

After lunch we headed over to the outlet stores and did some shopping. Being that is was President's Day weekend there were some killer deals, so we really scored on some purchases. Then is was time to head over to Nathan's grandpa's house. It was good to see him and for Hudson to meet him and for Nathan to catch up with him. He was able to hear some WWII stories he never had before, which he enjoyed.

That night we grabbed dinner in New York New York, and walked the strip for a little while. It was Hudson's bedtime, but we figured keeping him up a little later one night wouldn't hurt him. He was in awe of all the lights and just chilled in his stroller and looked around. Nathan and I were concerned about putting him to bed in a one room hotel room, but I just rocked him and he was out pretty quickly leaving Nathan and I some time to. relax. The next morning (this morning) we woke up bright and early to Hudson's little coughs. Since Nathan had to work tonigh,t we got an early start back home. It was a very quick trip; we weren't even there a full 24 hours, but it is always fun to get away from the norm, and when Hudson sleeps most of the drive home, it makes it even nicer.  

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