Hudson and Monkey

Hudson has a best friend. His name is Monkey. Monkey was given to me as one of the first baby gifts after I found out I was pregnant. My mom give him to be on my birthday. At the time, I couldn't know how happy that little cotton and bean stuffed animal would bring my son. Over time, I started putting monkey next to Hudson as he slept and took rides in his carseat. Soon I noticed the sight of monkey made Hudson smile, and so I continued to offer monkey to him at naps and bedtime. Now he and monkey are so bonded. He likes putting on his face while he sleeps. He talks to him while falling asleep, and in the early morning when he wakes. He loves monkey! He puts him on this shoulder and walks around with him there. He holds onto him while drinking his nightly bottle and adjusts and readjusts monkey over his face. At night monkey often times becomes a pillow, other times a simple cuddle buddy. If lost in the night, Hudson will wake, search for him and pull him close again. Monkey is also know to be a chew toy at times. Hudson thinks it's hilarious when monkey sits on a shelf or the corner of the bed, maybe because he looks almost life like. He comforts and make Hudson happy and I love watching Hudson pay with his little best friend.

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  1. oh that is just the sweetest thing! best friends:-) That 1st photo cracks me up! xoxo


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