The Next Step

Today Nathan embarks on a new journey. He begins graduate school. I wanted to tell him how proud I am of him. In the 8 years we've been together Nathan has accomplished great things. When we were dating he barely had enough units to get his associates degree. He took classes at the local community college here and there but rarely finished the semester. Over time he began taking more classes and eventually, after he had enough units, he found an online school, Ashord University, which was much more suited for him. After 13 months and 60 units he was able to earn his degree.

Getting his bachelors in sociology opened new doors for him, and he was able to get into the field he'd always been interested, working with juvenile delinquents and troubled teens. This is what he does to this day. In recent years, and after some serious thought, Nathan decided it was best for himself, his future, and the future of our faimily that he continue his studies and receive his masters degree. He decided to persue his ultimate goal of becoming a gudeiance counselor.

Almost on a whim, he applied to USC's School of Sociology, and no one was more surpirsed than him when he received the acceptance letter in the mail. Ask anyone who knew Nathan in his younger years, they would have never believed Nathan would get into USC, let alone finish college. While getting accepted to USC will always be one of Nathan's proudest moments, we knew there were far less extensive and expensive options out there to get him to his goal. He soon applied to University of La Verne. We weren't surprised he got in, hey he got in to USC for crying out loud. This program is better suited for our family and he can attend the extension program through our local community college.

Nathan, I know you feel nervous about this new step, but I know you will be successful. You've excelled at everything you've put your heart into so far. I know you are doing this for the sake of our family, and that makes you my hero. You are sacrificing your time and comfort for something beyond yourself. You are doing it for the two people who depend on you the most, especially your little guy. I know he is your ultimate motivation. He will love you more for it, he may never understand the sacrifices you have made, but he will benefit from them. Good luck at school tonight. I love you.

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  1. Such a nice tribute :) good luck Nathan. It will be over before you know it.


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