Thinking About the Yard

This is a little embarrassing to reveal, but our backyard it whack! We have a pretty large backyard, if fact, it's bigger than our house. The only thing is we haven't done anything with it. A few years ago we had the bushes and trees taken out because we had plans to re landscape, but we haven't been able to take the plunge. What we want it a big undertaking and a little intimidating, and for the money-conscious Nathan it's just a lot of pressure. With Hudson getting older and wanting to be outside it puts it at the forefront of our mind again. Hopefully in the coming months, before summer, we can get it taken care of so we can enjoy the lazy summer nights outside, and so Hudson can run around and not just on the tiny brick area we have outside our back door. I think Sarah and Delilah will enjoy the warm grass again too.

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