Spring Break 2013 :: Vegas with a Baby

This year we went to Vegas for a few days over spring break. We stayed at the usual, Excalibur. The day we got in was reserved for Gramaldi's Pizza, shopping at the outlets, visiting my cousins and a BBQ dinner. FYI, I don't recommend eating BBQ ribs in the backseat of the car. The next day was pool day! Believe it or not, this was Hudson's first time in a pool, and I was so excited for this. I was curious about how he'd react, but Nathan must have been just as excited as I was because just as we got to the pool he whisked Hudson away and into the water. I admired my two boys from afar while I put on my sunblock. Finally, I joined them in the pool. Hudson was cautious but overall enjoyed the pool, but I think he liked the warm jacuzzi much better though. 

Vacationing in Vegas used to mean leisurely reading a book while?" basking in the sun in relaxation, not anymore. Now it's spilled pretzels and keep this child on my lap occupied and maybe I can get a little tan. No tan for me this time. Since Hudson was getting sleepy we went back to the hotel room and changed for lunch. We went to our usual buffet (I love me a good buffet) at the New Orleans. Hudson feel asleep in his carseat allowing Nathan and I an undisturbed lunch. After lunch we went to the Forum Shops at Caesar's Palace. If you don't know this already, they have the most amazing H&M you will ever behold. After some shopping, we went back to the hotel to relax. We then had dinner at New York New York. We left the next morning.

Vegas may not be what it used to be now that we have a baby, but there are whole new adventures with Hudson in tow. 

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  1. a whole new meaning to "Vegas Baby!" Sounds like a great getaway...food, pool, shopping!

  2. Sounds fun but also makes me weary of going on Vacay with a baby! My inlaws want to go to Hawaii for 9 days staying in a 2 bedroom, 1 bath tiny apartment with 8 family members and our baby... Umm, yeah....we'll see...


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