Mother's Day Weekend

 When I found out Nathan didn't have to work Saturday, I was thrilled. It meant we could spend the whole day together. It also meant the Nathan could play in the church softball tournament.  Because it had been so long since he'd hit, he wanted to go to the batting cages. He hit for about 15 minutes while I waited in the car with Hudson who was napping.
Afterwards we headed to the Northridge mall because Nathan had to pick up some Nikes he'd ordered. We window shopped a bit and got Hudson a pretzel. He loves pretzels! He gets that from me, that and his curly hair. When we got home from the mall, Nathan did some school work and I crocheted a little while Hudson napped.
Soon it was time for some softball. I love watching Nathan play. Growing up an athlete, I've always loved and appreciated athletics, so seeing Nathan get out there and play a sport he loves make me happy. Plus, he's good at it too so that makes it all the better. Despite being nervous that he wouldn't play well, he did a pretty darn good job. I'm not surprised. It was Hudson's first time seeing his daddy play which was special to me, and I'm kicking myself because I didn't get a picture of them together! Because his team won the game, they played another. Hudson eventually started running all around, so I had to chase after him while trying to cheer on the team. It was a night of a few first because Hudson also got his first bloody nose. I didn't see him fall, but I heard his cry and saw he was clearly upset, soon blood streamed from his nose. It broke my heart. But being the tough kids he is, he was over it in a few minutes and on to the next thing. That night after the game, when Hudson was washed up and in bed, Nathan and I watched Safe Haven--not Nathan's first movie pick, but he went along with it because it is Mother's Day weekend.
Today is actual Mother's Day. Hudson's gift to me was sleeping in an extra hour. We went to church. Hudson made the Relief Society chorister crack up in the middle of her song, and he flirted with the other ladies. Now Nathan's home and we are about to have dinner.

Last Mother's Day, Hudson was three months old. Over the course of the year he has brought me more smiles, happiness and laughter than I could have ever imagined possible. I've realized what a mother's love is. I understand my own mother and appreciate her on a different level now that I am a mom myself. I comprehend how much she much loves me. I only hope that each year is as happy as this one. I love Hudson with all that I am.

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  1. such a great time you had :)

    Happy Mother's day :)

    warmest regards,
    Miss Aa

  2. Love all the pictures. Now you know the joy I always had at being a mother. I remember taking that picture in Big Bear. Happy memories


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