Diy Shirt from Nathan's Great Grandma's Fabric

For those who don't know, we live in the house that once belonged to Nathan's great grandma, so we have a few of her things in the garage. One of them is her vintage sewing machine--you know the ones where the machine is built into the desk. The machine itself is beautiful. It's a slate gray and very industrial looking. One day I will have it removed from the desk and used as decor in my home.

The other day I was looking through its drawers and found some old, silky, vintage fabric. I knew I wanted to make something with it right away. Then, as if it was meant to be, I was on Pinterest and found this tutorial. It was exactly what I was thinking. I was so nervous I would screw up and waste this special fabric. Luckily, there are only a few minor errors that only I would notice.

I used a shirt from Target that already had a scoop neck. I rounded the front of the shirt myself like the tutorial says. I recommend following the tutorial step by step. I tried to do my own thing thinking I could simplify the process, but you really do need to do all the steps she does (i.e. taking off the sleeves). I recommend using a shirt that's a size larger than what you normally wear because you are cutting seams and resewing them, so you want a little leeway. Overall, I'm happy with how the shirt turned out and I will definitely be making more. I even have a little more of Nathan's great grandmother's fabric left to make something else.

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  1. So you really needed to take off the sleeves? Boo! This sounds harder than I thought. Your shirt looks cuter than hers, by the way.

  2. Super cute idea ty


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