Summertime 2013 :: Weeks 1-2

So far we're having a fun filled summer. I'm enjoying spending all the time I can with my family.  The last two weeks included a few trips to the park, either early in the morning or the late afternoon to beat the heat. We've taken several trips down to LA. We shopped around Sante Alley once, and another trip included a drive through the Hollywood Hills. Once went to the Santa Monica Pier to an aquarium, which, unfortunately, was closed. We've eaten at some of our ol' time favorite places like Bob's Big Boy and Pioneer Chicken. We've gone to the pool too. I've also been able to complete a few sewing projects.

Our biggest trip so far was a visit to San Clemente to visit some of our friends, Emily and Jordan. We went out to eat at a Hawaiian restaurant, and afterward we went to the beach. This was Hudson's second time to the beach. The first time he was only five months old. When we got close enough to the water, Hudson pointed at it and shouted out, "What's that?" It was so funny. The water was not his favorite thing though, he sent most of the day crawling up and down the stairs. The beach is a completely different experience with a 16 month old. After the beach, we went back to Emily and Jordan's house. Hudson was able to take a nap, but only while on me. So we napped together, something that hasn't happened since he was an infant. Afterwards, we got some frozen yogurt and strolled the shops and the San Clemente Pier. It was a beautiful day. We look forward to doing it again. I love the summertime.

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