A 4th of July Family Reunion

The bags are unpacked, I'm working on the laundry and Hudson is taking a nap which means I have a little time to write about my trip to Texas to visit my family. It was more like a family reunion because all my siblings from all around the country came in for 4th of July. It was Nathan's first time going out to visit my family and I'm really glad we did. I took pictures through every step of the trip so I will let them tell the story.
The day after we arrived we went to Cracker Barrel for lunch. We wanted some good comfort food and this was a last minute option since the place we wanted, Babes, was closing. It was okay. My dad complained about the biscuits being too salty and Hudson threw just about everything on the floor. 

That night some of the boys went to a Rangers game. Nathan was excited to see the stadium and he said it was really nice. While the guys were at the game, the girls enjoyed the cooler evening by the pool and a 4th of July craft.

4th of July was the next day. We spent the day outside playing in the pool, talking and had a BBQ. The nephews had fun playing with Nathan and the other uncles in the pool.

That night we went to downtown Forth Worth to watch fireworks. This was a little crazy. We had a caravan of five cars, but by the time we parked there were only two cars. The others got lost in the chaos of the city and all the traffic. We had to take quite a walk to get to the park, but once there we saw a great show.

Hudson was frightened by the booms of the fireworks and just wanted to be close to mommy and daddy.
Before fireworks we took some family photos in the field behind my parents house. It felt very country because a whole herd of cows made their way into the back of our pictures. The pictures turned out really beautiful.

Friday was BBQ day. Nathan wanted to experience good Texas BBQ, so they took us to Coopers. Nathan really liked it which I'm happy about because he's not in Texas that often and doesn't have many chances to eat at placed like that. After dinner, we walked around the stockyards. Hudson was able to see horses and bulls for the first time in real life. He kept making sheep sounds. It as so funny. 

The following day was Nathan's last day. We still wanted some good comfort food and were finally able to go to Bade's. We loved it. It was so yummy and just what Nathan was looking for. They had great fried chicken and yummy biscuits, potatoes and salad. I love me a good biscuit. Nathan went straight to the airport from the restaurant, so we had to say goodbye there. It was hard saying goodbye to Nathan because I wouldn't see him for a week.
The rest of the trip consisted of a trip to a little water park by my sister's house. Hudson's a little scared of the water but after some baby stepping be was feeling more confident in the water. By the end of the trip he really warmed up to the water which makes me happy. 
Hudson loved sitting next to me on the swing in my parents' backyard.
Hudson got to know Uncle Joel.
Brayden and Hudson watched Madagascar on Grandma and Grandpa's bed.
Hudson started to like the water.
Cameron found out he passed his boards exam to be a doctor with a really high score. They made celebration cupcakes.
Monkey took many trips in the Barbie car.
We went shopping and Serena and I shared lunch.
Grandma Blair loved spending time with Hudson.

We had a lot of pool time.

Then after a long, difficult flight back, we were reunited with daddy.

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  1. Great documentation of the week and fun! You got great pics :)

  2. Great documentation of the week and fun! You got great pics :)

  3. Loved reading your diary of the fun time we had. Glad you all liked visiting we are loking forward to the next time.


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