Hot Ladies Hot Lips

A few weeks ago my best friends and I had a girls night. It was much needed. Andrea was in town from Arizona. We started the night by going to dinner at Lucille's BBQ. I got the brisket and ate one too many biscuits.  Afterward, we walked around the shops outside the restaurant for a little while when Andrea got the idea that all three of us purchase the same item of something and think of each other every time we wear it. We tried to find a piece of jewelry, but didn't have any luck there. Then Chloe got the idea we buy the same shade of lipstick. That's how we ended up in the Target bathroom taking pictures of ourselves and giggling like high school students.  We Instagramed this picture and decided we'd use the hashtag #hotladieshotlips every time we wear it. We ended the night with Golden Spoon talking about the things girls talk about. Love my girls. 

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