Air Supply, Pigs and Goats

Today we went out to the Ventura Country Fair. Air Supply was playing which is what initially brought us out there. Nathan's mom and step-father are in town with us right now, so they accompanied us to the fair. When we go there, we ate. We got BBQ, a huge corn dog and a pretzel. We went to the concert after that. Nathan had seen Air Supply once before. Hudson danced a little and ran around, but he was tired and sat in his stroller most of the time. After the concert we went to see the live stock. There were enormous pigs, cows and goats. A sweet girl invited Hudson and me into her cage to pet her goats. Hudson was timid and enjoyed standing back and looking at them. I loved petting the little guys. Afterwards, as I was washing my hands at the cleaning station, I heard, "Pig coming through," and all of a sudden huge pig came around the corner snorting and making all kinds of clamor and heading right towards me. Now, I'm not afraid of pigs, but it was so sudden and so unexpected you would have thought a dozen snakes had just been dropped on my head given how quickly I jumped/ran away and how loudly I squealed. Everyone who saw laughed and joked with me about the situation. By then Hudson as begging for a nap, so we made our way back to the car, and Hudson slept all the way home. 

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