Dear Hudson :: 18 Months

I look at you and I have a hard time comprehending how much you've grown, and how much you have learned. These last few months have shown major developments in so many ways. I don't know your 18 month stats yet, but here are a few things you've learned, and what you've been up to:

-You LOVE cars. You make a very serious car sound too. You furrow your brow and go "roooom roooom."
-Trains are a close second. You know your train sound too "tiggy tiggy too too."
- You are saying all sorts of things. Some are real words, but most is your own little gibberish that I believe to be the cutest thing. You say new real words everyday, but sometimes it's a one time thing
and you won't say it again for a while. Here are a few of the real words you say on a daily basis: car, light, "tood" (food), plane, juice, mamma, dadda, baseball, bye bye I love you, ball, sky, what's that, toy
-You are learning your animal sounds. Your horse sounds like a sheep, but we're working in it.
-Monkey continues to be your best friend. You have a few names for him which include: Key, Dee Dee, or Mmmm.
-You dance everyday. You like to get up on the ottoman as if it's your stage and shake your little bootie. You have some good rhythm and moves. Really, you'll dance anytime you hear music.
-You are a friendly little guy. You say "hey" to nearly every person we pass in the store. It usually catches them off guard and puts a smile on their face.
-You have a mouth full of teeth. I haven't counted them, but it looks like you only have a few more to grown in.
-Running is still your favorite mode of transportation, and boy you are a quick one.
-You love hats, but only if they are mommy or daddy sized. You love to put on mommy's fedoras, as many as you can stack on your head at one time, and walk around the house.
-You look up to your daddy. You love him so much. You even laugh at the same commercials he does.
-You are still a picky eater which is hard for mommy. We have a few staples we know you'll eat; right now chicken nuggets are our go to food. You do like smoothies too which has been helpful with getting in your fruits and veggies.
-You are 98% bottle free. Sometimes mommy still gives you one at night, but mostly you are done with them.
-You gave up your pacifier on your own just before you turned 1 years old. Mommy and daddy didn't have to do a thing. One day you decided you didn't want it anymore.
-You are in a size 6 shoe.
-You learned to like the water this summer. Although I wish we tired the beach more times. Next summer.
-You give kisses and high fives.
-Hotel Transylvania is your all time favorite movie to date. Perhaps you take after your daddy and have a fascination with vampires and the macabre. You also love Up and Cars.

You bring so much joy into mommy and daddy's life. You are a quirky little guy and we love seeing the new things you do everyday. Your own little personality continues to grow and we love watching you become the coolest little guy we've ever known.

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  1. I love this little update. He is a cutie. Isn't is wonderful how much fun and fasciantion your children bring to your life. I love you last line "we love watching you become the coolest guy we've ever known"


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