To the Zoo

This summer we've been trying to do as many little day trips as possible. One of those day trips included the LA Zoo. It was Hudson's second time, and this time he was much more aware of the animals. It was blazing hot, and the bees were buzzing, but I think Hudson enjoyed it. The reptile room was his favorite I think because he could get up close to them. He also loved the monkeys of course as well as the zebra. But really, one of the funniest parts of the trip was watching Nathan smash the bees. Whenever one came close to the stroller he's smack it dead. It was wild. Don't mess with Nathan! I also liked the carousel ride at the end of the day. Hudson didn't want to sit on an animal, so we sat on the bench, and Hudson decided he wanted to wear my hat.

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  1. It is wonderful for Hudson that you took day trips. I love going to the zoo! Love the last pic of Hudon in his fedora.


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