7 Years Teaching

The school year is well underway. This is the beginning of my seventh year teaching. This year I am teaching three 10th grade classes, and two 11th grade classes. I taught 11th grade my very first year teaching, so I was a little nervous to take it on again, but things are falling into place, and I've been reminded of how wonderful it is to teach upper class men. The maturity level is light years away from 9th and 10th graders. I'm quite enjoying my 11th grade classes. Two out of my three 10th grade classes are wonderful. I do have one 10th grade class that I'm struggling with. It's full of a bunch of loud, chatty kids, so they are taking a lot more patience. I've implemented a few new organizational strategies in my classroom, so I feel like things are going really smoothly this school year. I'm so grateful for my job and I'm lucky to do something that makes me happy. 

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  1. You were very blessed to get that job 7 years ago. I remember how exicted and nervous you were. You have come along way! I would love to be a fly on the wall and watch you teach. I am very proud to be your mom!

  2. Oh and I love love your new blog design

  3. i hope this school year is a great year for you! my mom teaches 3rd grade at a title 1 school (the poor kids) and it's been a HUGE adjustment for her. it's her first year teaching after a 30 year break (she used to be the reading specialist but they nixed that job so she went back to teaching). teachers are so under appreciated! i hope you get the applause you deserve! :)


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