Halloween 2013

I loved this year's Halloween. From the minute I got home from work, I was gitty with excitement and couldn't wait to get Hudson into his costume. After taking about a million pictures on Hudson, we went trick-or-treating with Chloe and her kids. Sean and Nathan came along too. Nathan dressed up as Wolverine, or more so "Logan" since he didn't have the claws. I went as a skeleton. 

Hudson ran up to the first house following Caitlyn's lead and got his very own Halloween candy. After a few houses of loading and unloading Hudson from his stroller, we decided to just keep him in it and push him up to the door, but the nice thing about the streets we were trick-or-treating on is many people were on their driveway or on their garage, so my stroller didn't feel so cumbersome. 

It made my night, and all the hard work I put into Hudson's Willy Wonka costume when the people recognized and knew exactly who he was supposed to be, some people even commented on how perfect his hair is for the costume, and I am so pleased he kept his hat on!

Hudson lasted for about an hour until hitting a wall and couldn't take anymore. Halloween 2013 was a great success!  

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