November to November

I've lost about 20 pounds since last November, and my sister Amber had the idea that I take a picture of myself in one of the same outfits I wore a year ago. I went ahead and did it. The differences are apparent, at least to me. I particularly see a difference in my face and though my chest, shoulders, and back.

About a year ago, a student compared me to Velma from Scooby Doo, no offense to her, but she is not my ideal look-a-like. I used to be compared to the likes of Jessica Simpson and Charlize Theron, so that day I decided to make a change. I needed to go blonde again and lose the weight I had put on over the course of about five to six years. Of course, most of the weight was attributed to my pregnancy, but I definitely had extra weight sticking around, and I never really tried very hard to lose weight after having Hudson.

I immediately lightened my hair and went to work on my body. Losing the weight was the biggest challenge. I've never disciplined myself when it came to eating and working out. I always had excuses mostly blaming it all on a lack of time. Soon, I started with Weight Watchers and successfully lost about seven pounds, but I soon fell off the program. Luckily, I managed to keep off those seven pounds.

Meanwhile, Nathan was dropping all kinds of weight with the program he was on (read about it here). He encouraged me to hire his nutritionist numerous times, but I was nervous and didn't want to invest money in something I wouldn't follow. For the next six months, I somewhat watched what I ate, but not really. I went to the gym here and there and dropped a few more pounds.

Then I saw a picture of myself that disgusted me. It was over the summer, and my sister snapped a picture of me eating BBQ. I looked awful. I was so disappointed in myself. It was a complete wake-up call. That evening, as Nathan and I walked around the Stock Yards of Forth Worth Texas, we decided that once we got home I'd begin my program with his nutritionist.

I started August of 2013. Now, fifteen weeks later I am stronger and healthier than I have been in years, perhaps ever. I eat a balanced diet (which allows Del Taco and bread) and I workout out five to six times a week. I do weight training with low to moderate cardio. I've learned to love weight training. I used to be all about cardio. I thought that was the way to go, but I've been proven wrong. I've seen faster and more drastic changes with weight training than I ever saw with cardio. I now find my cardio days boring.

I don't do measly 5-10 pound weights though (unless I'm super setting). I'm lifting heavy and hard weight that really challenges my muscles. This means fewer reps. and more weight. I'm in there with the men training like a man using the same equipment they use; at first, it intimidated me, but now I feel confident and like I belong there. I cannot stress how important weight training is for women.

I am not a special case. Don't think, "Well, that worked for you. It won't for me." It will work!!! I have seen it transform my body in just fifteen weeks and I'm not stopping. I'm excited to see where I can take my body. I love seeing new muscles develop in my arms, back, legs and even my stomach. It motivates me to keep going and pushing myself.

All those excuses were exactly that--excuses. I used to get home from work and literally spend an hour sitting on my couch because I thought I deserved time to rest. Now I spend that hour in the gym because I deserve to be fit.

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  1. You didn't look bad a year ago, but you do look better now


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