Thanksgiving in Utah 2013

This year we spent Thanksgiving in Utah with Nathan's family. We enjoy going up there for Thanksgiving. It's cold, and it feels festive. Here are some photos I snapped with my phone along the way. I wasn't able to take as many pictures as I would have liked because we ended up being quite busy on Thanksgiving, with Nathan doing the stuffing, and myself doing the green bean casserole, salad and mac & cheese. 

Here we are on the plane on Monday night. The flight there was great because there were 50 empty seats on the plane, so Hudson sat in his own seat in between us. He did great considering we were flying right at his bedtime. 

Dee Dee (monkey) did great on the flight.

On Tuesday, we went to lunch at Chuck-a-Rama. Nathan and I share a love for this buffet. Hudson ended up taking a marathon nap on Tuesday which allowed me time to candy the pecans I'd be using for my salad on Thursday. That night, Nathan and I went on a date to see Catching Fire, which I thought was really good, better than the first. 

Hudson was able to spend a lot of time with this cousins. Here he is with Austin. 

We were able to squeeze in a few workouts. We got a 3 day pass to Gold Gym Express.

Nathan bonded with his niece Avery. 

On Wednesday, we went to Chuck E. Cheese. Hudson didn't like when we turned on the cars. He just liked sitting in them. 

After Check E. Cheese we headed down to Provo to check out our friend Chad's thrift shop. We'd never been there before and wanted to go and check it out. If you're in Provo, check out Encore Thrift Store it's one of a kind.

This is the only picture I took on Thanksgiving, but it's the most important right? Ignore my 4th of July plate. Despite a quite stressful and difficult day, the food turned out great.

 We flew home on Friday night, but before we left my sister Serena, who was visiting her in-laws in Utah too, came over to see us. We decided to go look at model homes up in Daybreak. Here I am (above) being silly in one of the beautiful homes. They really are impressive, and if ever Nathan and I end up in Utah, I'd be happy to live in Daybreak.

We weren't as fortunate on the flight home. It was a full flight and at Hudson's bedtime again, but really Hudson did fine.

I'm thankful for my family and the love we have for each other. 

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