2014 New Years Resolutions

I have to say, 2013 was a good. busy year for us. Nathan started grad. school and has been doing quite well in his program. He has leaned a lot, and I know he will make a great counselor when he is finished. Nathan also achieved great success with his fitness program and continues to make fitness and health a priority in his life. Amongst all this, he was also able to work two job whilst taking care of Hudson while I worked. There were many days when he was overwhelmed and frustrated, but he rarely complained. I am proud of what he does and that he is my husband. He and Hudson have formed a strong father/son relationship that I love to see. He is so loving and patient with his little boy.

Hudson had his first birthday, and he is about to celebrate his second. This year he has learned so much and grown into a tough, happy, quirky little boy. His hair has also grown out to be the cutest head of dirty blonde curls in town. He is most known for those curls, and I haven't been able to bring myself to cut them, and it still might be a while before I do. He talks so much and he knows what he likes: cars, trucks, trains, planes, and his Dee Dee (monkey). He played pretty independently for the better part of the year, but he is now beginning to interact more and play with other kids whether in nursery, child care, or out in public. He's our little buddy.

As for me, I successfully completed my 6th year teaching and made it through the first semester of my 7th year, which was one of the most difficult ones mentally. I found more balance and continue to work on improving myself. I began a fitness journey that has been so rewarding. My Etsy shop, Lap of Luxury, reached 1000 sales which was a major milestone for me.

Looking forward to 2014, I have a small list of resolutions:

1. I want to continue on my fitness and health journey and reach a place I have never been physically. The changes I have seen so far are motivating and quite surprisingly actually.

2. ORGANIZE. ORGANIZE. ORGANIZE. I want to get things in order both in my home and at work.

3. Nathan and I have a few goals for our home, but I won't bore you with those. They involve getting organized and maximizing the space we have in our small home. As well as finishing the landscaping in out back and front yard.

4. I want to save more money. I'm actually really good at saving, but I want to save more. I don't have a particular amount in mind, but I want to save a little more each month then I currently am. This will involve less shopping (eek!).

5. I resolve to be less selfish. I am the selfish one around here and I need to give more of myself and be a more equal partner.

6. I want to read more. I've recently started listening to books on audio while I crochet which has allowed me to read more, and I want to continue this into the new year.

7. Date my husband again.

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  1. I love this post. It warms my heart that you have a beautiful life with your family. WOW 7 years teaching, that is wonderful. I agree with you on the great husband and father Nathan is. I am excited to see another great year packed with blessings for you in 2014. I love you all! MOM


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