Christmas in Vegas

We spent Christmas in Vegas this year. Nathan's grandpa lives there and everyone came out to visit. We decided to drive up Christmas day. On Christmas Eve, we had dinner at Chloe and Sean's. We ordered Chinese food take-out to pay homage to A Christmas Story. Nathan and I decided to open our gifts to each other on Christmas Eve. We spoiled each other with clothes, shoes, and workout gear. Hudson opened his present Christmas morning, and then we were on our way to Vegas. 

 After checking into our hotel and getting ready, we headed over to Nathan's grandpa's place. We indulged in some yummy food which was the most diverse Christmas meal I've ever had; it was American-Thai-Filipino (Nathan's uncle is married to a Thai woman, and his grandpa a Filipino woman). It all was very good. I wore a new dress Nathan gave me for Christmas, and he worn a red shirt I got him. We looked cute and festive.
I tried taking a sweet picture with Hudson, but to no avail. This kid wont sit still for nothing. He played with this cars all night long.
The next day we met Nathan's family for lunch at Grimaldi's Pizza, but before that we went Bass Pro Shop Outdoor World so Hudson could run around and get some of his wiggles out. This place was enormous and had fish just as enormous. 
Finally we made it to Grimaldi's. I could eat this pizza everyday. I love it. The rest of the trip was spent shopping, Caesar's Palace Forum Shops, and a buffet. We left early Friday morning. I enjoyed Christmas in Vegas. 

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