Grandma & Grandpa Blair Visit

Last weekend, my mom and dad came to visit. Yay! They flew in Friday and stayed over the long weekend. On Friday, after picking them up from the airport, we went over the hill to the train at Griffith Park and took a few rides. That night, we drove down to Brandon and Jeanessa's turf. Before dinner, we visited Brandon at work. He is currently working for toy company and they have a play room for kids. Hudson was in a little boy's heaven. All the trucks and cars he could ever hope for. After playing for a little while, we went to dinner at Rio Cafe. It was my first time there. It was good I guess, but being on my diet, I couldn't get the most out of it. After dinner, we went back to Brandon and Jeanessa place. They are renting out her grandfather's home, and it is just the cutest little place. The way they have decorated it is just so charming! After hanging out, and eating cookies, we drove home. My mom and dad spent Saturday down with Brandon and Jeanessa so they could show them what their life is like down there.

On Sunday, we all reconvened at my aunt Pam's for dinner, and my parents came home to spend the night at our place. We spent Monday morning at the park chasing Hudson around, and then it was off to the airport. Even though it was a short trip, I am so glad my parent came to visit. I love them and miss them.

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  1. Dad and I had such a fun time! I wish we could visit more often. Hudson is such a cute little boy. We loved seeing how you both are great parents and have fun with him. It is hard for us when our kids live in such diverse places. Love you!


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