Mel Gets Fit Tip #3: Have a Plan

Have you ever gone to the gym and found yourself floating from one exercise machine to the next with no real plan or goal? This used to be me. I'd go to the gym because I knew I should, but once I was there, I was clueless. I started asking Nathan, "What should I do today?" on our way to the gym and he'd give me an idea of what I should do, but I was still clueless. How many sets? How many reps? How much weight? Often times, my lack of knowledge kept me from going, or I'd resort to the cardio machines because those are easy. There's no question of what to do on a treadmill. As Nathan would say, I was "spinning my wheels."

If having a plan means hiring a personal trainer (if you can afford it) do it, but if you can't afford a personal trainer, do some research, or find a workout you like from a fitness magazine. Here are a few links with great info./workouts:

1. Bodybuilding
2. Muscle & Fitness
3. Body-for-Life
4. A Workout Routine

As for me, I hired someone to give me my workouts. I couldn't do it on my own. I wish I had that knowledge. It is tough, but I think having a plan could be as simple as saying, "Today I'm going to do upper body" or "I'm going to do legs today" or "Today's a full-body day."Once you have a set plan, execute it with power. Work hard. Lift heavy. Give it your all. It will hurt, but it will change you.

Because I am not certified to give workout plans, I can't, nor would I even know where to begin, but I do know having a plan and executing it will make a huge difference in your confidence while at the gym. It gives you purpose and meaning while you are there. There's no use being there if you aren't going to make it worth your time, if you aren't going to benefit from it. What was once my go-to exercise routine, ie cardio, I now find boring in relation to weight lifting. Weight lifting with purpose is invigorating.

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  1. So,do you spend more time on the weight machines than on the cardio machines,like the treadmill? How many reps do you do and at what average weight?


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