Mel Gets Fit Tip #5: My Routine

Today's not really a tip, but my mom was curious about what a day/week looks like for me. Every 12 weeks my routine changes, but one thing that's always been the same is I am in the gym 4 times a week doing weight training and then 1-2 times a week I do light to medium cardio. On a typical day, I wake about around 6:45, get ready for work and leave by 7:40. I'm usually home by 3:30. I immediately change into my gym clothes and get Hudson ready (diaper change, shoes,  juice, etc). I get to the gym by 4:00m any later the gym is too crowded. I push myself at the gym. I work hard. I sweat a grunt and groan. Currently, I have 2 upper body workouts and 2 lower body workout which I rotate through each week. One day is upper, the next is lower, back to upper then lower. It wasn't always like this. I started with full body workouts and progressively became solely upper/lower routine. After my weight training I walk for 10-15 minutes to cool down. When I get home I get Hudson dinner and if I can I start making mine too. After dinner Hudson and I hangout, then I get him in the bath and to bed by 7:00. If I wasn't able to get my dinner earlier, I make it after Hudson goes down. The rest of my night is spent doing various things: cleaning, TV, crochet, laundry, grading, blogging, Pinterest, online shopping. I do this until about 10:00-10:30 and then it's time retire. I pick out my outfit for the next day, shower and get in bed and await Nathan's return from work.

I'm basically in the gym two days, then I have one day off. On those days off from the gym, I still strive to get in some cardio at home. I'll go on a walk with Hudson or do some sprints.

It would be easy for me to cut out that hour in the gym with the excuse of I'm busy, but I choose not to. I am committed to my health and fitness journey. The gym has a childcare that Hudson loves and the girl there love him. He's able to play and run around with his friends, so that's comforting to me. I've leaned to enjoy the gym. I like going there and listening to my music and getting in the zone, and I always feel good afterward.

One thing I've leaned is if you want results you need to be committed.

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  1. can you give a run down of your upper and lower body workouts and how much weight you lift. You have a busy schedule but it sounds like you are happy being busy and taking control of your health. I am trying to do the same. I try to get to the gym 4-5 days, but i still have not lost weight, I have cut my calories, but not drastically and increased protein. I think my body is really resisting "getting in shape", but i remember that your scale didnt show any weight loss, but you did lose inches.

  2. I took my measurements again 2 weeks ago and I had lost 2 inches in my waist, but none in my belly. So I started working my abs more. I will take my measurements in another week and see if it made a difference. I know I have alot of body fat, so I can't expect to have it happen so soon! You continue to be my inspiration!


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