Mel Gets Fit Tip #6: When You Fall Off

Taken the day before I left for France.
So, I have to admit that I fell a little out of routine. Over Spring break, I went to France and visited Paris, Normandy and Brittany. I was the best trip ever! I saw sights I only ever dreamed of seeing, and I ate. I ate bread; I ate crepes; I ate chocolate; I ate croissants; I ate caramels; I ate cheese. I ate and I enjoyed it. When I got back from France two weeks ago, I found myself in quite a funk. I was seriously jet-lagged; I was sick; and I was a little depressed to leave that fantasy vacation behind me. I didn't work out for a week. That means I didn't work out for two weeks in all. I'll admit it, I packed on quite a few pounds in those two weeks and it was showing.

The old me would have probably given up and thrown in the towel. I used to be like that. I'd easily get discouraged and feel like there was no use trying, but now I understand that it's never too late, that you can get back on track and back into a routine, no matter how long you've been away.

I weighed myself on Monday and I'm embarrassed to say I had put on five pounds in two weeks. Eeek! I weighed myself this morning (Thursday) and I am happy to say I'm down approximately one pound (I don't officially record my weight until Sunday though). I've disciplined myself to track my calories closely and I'm not allowing myself to snack. I've also incorporated more veggies into my meals this week. I've stuck to my gym routine this week and I've worked hard. I'm sore, but I like it.

Sometimes it may be hard to get back on it, but once you reestablish those routines you will feel so much better about yourself. Give yourself some time too, it may take a week or two to feel like your old self again. For example, I feel like I lost some muscle mass during those two weeks away, but I know that I can gain it back through dedication and determination.

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  1. Good for you! I hope you are going to share all about your trip to France soon!

  2. Sounds like you're back on track and I'm sure those pounds will melt away!


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