St. Malo & Mont St. Michel: The Sixth Day

Mont St. Michel was quite a place to see. It is an ages old abbey upon which they kept just building up and up for centuries. It looks like it's straight out of a fairy tale; in fact, it was the inspiration for Rapunzel's castle in Tangled.
As you enter, you immediately start the climb up a steep incline passing gardens and cafes and drawbridges.
Upon reaching the top, you see nothing but marshland for miles, and I was so intrigued to learn Mont St. Michel is surrounded by pockets of quicksand. Just like a said, straight out of a fairy tale!
This place was a stone maze and so beautiful. It was conservative in design as it was the home of monks for centuries. After walking the grounds, Andrea and I stopped for a dessert and hot chocolate.
The next stop was St. Malo and I'm kicking myself for not taking more pictures :( but St. Malo was a super cool city. It is almost like it's own little fortified country of Brittany. It's residents don't consider themselves French or Norseman. It's surrounded by a rampart and it's right on the coast. It used to be a pirate town. It is a great place for shopping and eating too. Lunch was really yummy, but it was here we encountered our first rude waiter. He really didn't seem to want anything to do with us. A little later on, I got the yummiest caramel crepe at La Licorne (unicorn) Cafe-- such a cute place! St. Malo is famous for its crepes.

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