We are Having a Baby!

I'm pregnant, and we're having a girl! We are so thrilled. I am currently 14 week along, and we kept it a secret from most people until we found out the gender. From the beginning, I had a feeling it was a girl, call it mother's intuition, but this pregnancy has also been very different from Hudson's, but let me go back to the beginning.
Back in April, Nathan and I decided it was time to start trying to get pregnant, but because of my history with PCOS we thought it would take a few months at least, and I should go see my doctor about getting back on Metformin to help me get pregnant. I procrastinated on making the appointment, and when I did make it, I couldn't get one until early June.

Fast forward to June, I'm at my appointment and the nurse tells me I need to take a pregnancy test to be sure I'm not pregnant. I took it without any expectations. After a moment the nurse excused me back to the waiting room. I thought, "Guess I'm not pregnant," but after a few minutes the nurse asked me back in, she sat me down, placed the test in front of me and said, "You're pregnant" which she followed up with a little happy dance in her chair. I was shocked. Speechless. Really? When did this happen? So soon?
The nurse was anxious to get me in the room to do a sonogram to see if anything was in there. There was nothing to see though because I was so newly pregnant. I was only 2-3 weeks along at that point.

Since it was the day after Father's Day, I decided to package the test up in a little gift bag and present it to Nathan that way. When he got home I said, "I ended up getting you something for Father's Day after all." He was just as surprised as I was that it happened so quickly. Nathan called his mom right away. Two days later we flew to Texas where was announced the good news to my family.

We decided to keep the pregnant a secret from most people until after we found out the gender which happened yesterday. We went to a 3D ultrasound place that can reveal the gender at 14 weeks. We are both so pleased that we are having a girl.

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  1. It will be so fun to have another granddaughter! I am so happy for you both. A little girl will be the perfect addition!


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