Pregnancy & Life Update

I am half way through this pregnancy. Things are going smoothly. I feel healthy and happy, but I do have to admit I feel much more anxious to be done with this pregnancy than I did with Hudson. With Hudson, I soaked up every minute, but I feel a sense of urgency with this one. Maybe it's because I've gone through it before and I'm ready for the end result? I don't know, but I am trying to brush those feelings aside and soak up this pregnancy because it will (most likely) be my last.

So here's what's been going on with this pregnancy:

How far along: 20.5 weeks
Gender: Girl
Weight Gain: I don't know. I haven't weighed myself in weeks. Perhaps I should do that. I'm guessing about 15 pounds. I've definitely "puffed" up. My arms look bloated, and I've put on weight in my lower back. Ugh! Exactly where I didn't want to gain weight, but it's one of my problem areas. I can tell I am carrying her differently too. With Hudson I popped straight out, with her I'm getting wider. 
Maternity Clothes: I do wear them, in addition to a lot of my regular clothes. I'm not sure how much longer some of my old tops will last, but my jeans still fit with a maternity band.
Stretch Marks: Yes :( but I believe these are the same ones I got with Hudson and they become more noticeable as my skin stretches. I am lotioning every night to try to combat them. 
Belly button in or out: In
Sleep: Hit an miss, some nights I sleep great and don't even need to get up to pee, while other nights I feel like I'm waking up all night long. Nathan says my snoring is getting pretty loud. Sorry babe! I nap anytime I can.
Cravings: None really. I will get it in my head that I really want something, say Fettuccine Alfredo, but then when I eat it, I don't want it anymore. I basically could get pizza and cheeseburgers all the time and I'd we happy.
discomfort Level: It's probably at a 7. I feel like she is already taking up so much room in there, and I feel huge. I'm almost 21 weeks, and I look like what I did at 27 weeks with Hudson. I really am worried that I'm going to get huge.
Movement: She moves often. I can't see movement from the outside yet, but I'm starting to be able to feel like kicks from the outside. 
Miss anything: My muscles. I haven't gotten to the gym as much as I would like; therefore, my muscles have gotten puny.   
Queasy or sick: 95% of the time I feel good, but randomly little dizzy spells will hit me, or if I eat something that doesn't agree with me I dry heave, but other than that I'm good. 
Looking forward to: Halloween!

A few weeks ago I had my detailed ultra sound. I was praying they would tell me she is still a girl since we did the gender prediction so early, and she is! I can tell already that she looks different than Hudson.

Other Life Updates

 Nathan's been playing on a softball team on Thursday nights. Whenever we can, and if the game isn't too late, Hudson and I go to cheer him on. Hudson says, "Good job in baseball daddy." It's good for Nathan to do that since he is so busy with his other responsibility. Plus, I love watching him play. He's so good :)

Nathan recently put up a fence across the length of our backyard. He was out there in the blazing sun getting it done, and we are both very happy to have taken one more step toward completing our backyard.

Hudson's grown so much lately. I look at him and see a little boy. He doesn't look like a toddler anymore. He talks so much and is learning so much. We are still struggling with getting him to walk with us instead of sprinting off way ahead, but we say "Walk you feet!" and Hudson, most times, will walk with very concentrated steps. Walking is not his first instinct, so he needs to concentrate. He knows mommy has a baby and where is it, and he loves babies. He will make for a good big brother. He's been super into trains lately and asks to watch Polar Express over and over and reenacts the scenes on his train tracks. 

I decorated for Halloween a few weeks ago. Nothing special, but it helps bring the holiday spirit.

My sister-in-law had an adorable tea-party baby shower the other day, and I was so glad to make it. They are expecting a little boy in November, and just in case you don't know, four of the seven siblings are currently expecting babies. Four babies will be born between the months of November and May. That will make for fifteen grandchildren for my parents. Crazy! Two will be girls, one is a boy and the other is unknown.

I celebrated my 32nd birthday on September 30th. I went to work and found surprise balloons from my fashion club girls tied to my door. Then during second period, Nathan and Hudson came and surprised me with 24 cupcakes that I shared with the class. That night we went to red Robin so I could get my free birthday burger.

I've been busy with work and crocheting. I am trying to reach a certain amount of money saved so I can extend my maternity leave through the summer and not return until next school year. So I'm saving all the Etsy money I bring in, and I'm really close to my goal. Since this is my last pregnancy and the last time I'll have an infant, I want to enjoy every moment I get.

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  1. I love to hear your updates and thoughts. I am so excited for you and your pregnancy. This is a special time. Soon enough you will be holding your little girl in amazement. Enjoy these last months with Hudson, because you will have some anxiety having to split your attention between the two. Love you!!


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