Shooting Stars

I was never one to believe in signs, but the day I found out I was pregnant, I had what I guess one could call a sign.

Nathan's never been shy about sharing the fact that he didn't want another boy and really hoped the next one was a girl. He also wasn't shy about sharing how he was fine with one child, heck, he was fine with none.

The night I found out about the pregnancy I went on a walk, and already aware of Nathan's nervousness about having a second child, I placed my hand on my stomach and said, out loud, "Please be a girl." At the same moment, I look up in the sky and, I kid you not, the biggest, brightest shooting star shot across the sky.

From that moment on, I knew down in the deepest part of my heart that we were having a girl.

Then, a few weeks later, as my friends and I left BJs after eating some delicious Pazookies, we were talking about possible sex of my baby, and again I expressed how we hoped for a girl and again a shooting star caught my eye as it shot across the sky.

Knowing now that we are having a girl all those shooting stars seem more than coincidence, they were signs.

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