The Little Things Week

I want to get back into blogging more often, but I tend to get so busy, so I'm going to try to take time each week to write up a little post. I sure hope I'm able to keep up on it because this blog serves as my journal, really.

If I could give this week a title, it would be "The Little Things" because I feel like this week was filled with a bunch of little moments that made it a great week. It started with an afternoon at the park with Hudson. He has so much energy, as every 2 1/2 year old does, so if you doesn't use up the energy, bedtime becomes a real hassle. Nathan's really good about going out with Hudson, but on the days he can't, it's up to me.

This particular afternoon was picture perfect. The weather was cooler, the sun was setting beautifully and Hudson and I soaked it all in. I had a million other things I could have been doing, but spending time with him at the park was what I needed to do. As he ran toward me, I realized these moment with just him are numbered, and I want to enjoy them.

Aside: I bought a new diaper bag that I'm loving so far. It's the Skip Home Limited Edition French Strip design.

We had our church Halloween party this week. I didn't plan on doing my skeleton face for a third year in a row, but when I found this perfect maternity dress online, I decided I'd do it one more time. This year I switched it up a little and left a portion exposed. I thought it had a cool phantom look.

Hudson's going as Woody this year, and I think it is the perfect costume for him right now. He makes the cutest little cowboy. Our best friends were able to come with us to the party this year too which made it all the better. 

Even though it doesn't quite feel like fall yet, I did a little something that would for sure  make me feel festive. I made a pumpkin waffle (with a mix from Trader Joe's) and wassail. The apple cider was just what my mom would make around this time of year. It took me back to my childhood for sure.

And the best little thing that happened this week was when Nathan stopped at 7 Eleven at midnight to pick up my next days lunch because he knew I didn't have anything to eat. He's always doing things like that for me.

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