Our Christmas Season 2014

We had a busy and fun Christmas Season. I took pictures all month long, and I'll use them to explain all the fun we had this year.
Early in the month, we went to the famous Wakefield Lane to look at the wonder of the Christmas lights. Hudson found himself loving Christmas lights this year, and every time we went out at night, he'd proclaim, "Cirmas lights!" There were several nights throughout the month where we'd just drive around the city admiring all the lights. The night we went to Wakefield Lane, we also picked out and decorated our Christmas tree. All month long, Hudson would randomly say, "Good job on the tree Mama." It never got old.
 Hudson and I had a few lazy Sunday mornings in bed before church.
 We enjoyed eating out often. Places included: Bob's Big Boy, Patty's, Wood Ranch, Claim Jumper, Chi Chi's Pizza, and Darios, and Grand Panda to name a few.
At our church Christmas Party, Hudson was able to meet two special visitors. One, of course, was Santa and Hudson could barely contain his excitement while waiting in line. Once he was on Santa's lap, he introduced him to Dhee Dhee. Next we saw Elsa. Hudson was so sweet and almost shy as he sat on her lap.
 We were able to continue one of our long standing tradition of visiting The Grove. It was very crowded and Nathan spent most of the time standing in a forever long line to buy Hudson a pretzel. We wanted to eat at the Cheesecake Factory, but there was a two hour wait, and that didn't work for us. So after a little while, we left and ate at Patty's in Burbank.
On Christmas Eve Eve, we had a little Felize Navidad and went to lunch at Darios, our go to Mexican joint.
On Christmas Eve, we spent some time at the park where Nathan and his friend hitting softballs and Hudson and I watched. Once all the balls were hit, Hudson had a blast running out on the field to help retrieve all the balls and put them back into the bucket. It was an exhausting job for a little boy. Those baseball fields are very big. That night, my parents, who arrived from Texas a few days earlier, came up from my brother's house in Rhedondo Beach to spend Christmas Eve and morning with us. We went to dinner at Grand Panda (we have a tradition of eating Chinese food on Christmas, and since we couldn't Christmas Day this year, we went on Christmas Eve instead).
We had a beautiful Christmas morning. Hudson slept in until about 9:30 which gave me time to make cinnamon rolls and donuts. Once he was awake, we showed him the presents and tried to explain how Santa had come to our house that night, but he hasn't really grasped that concept yet. We were able to give Hudson a good Christmas, and Nathan and I gave each other a good Christmas as well. It was also a gift to have my mom and dad with us on Christmas because I haven't spent Christmas with them in eight years.
 The most favorite gift I gave this year included a book to Nathan of all the pictures I've taken of him and Hudson over the last three years. I titled it, "Three Years and Daddy and Hudson." I thought it was special because of the strong bond he and Nathan share, plus it will no longer be just Nathan and Hudson in a month. I also made a book for my mom titled, "Hudson and Monkey" which includes all the pictures of Hudson and monkey over the last three years. My mom gave me monkey as one of my first baby gifts after I found out I was pregnant, and neither of us knew how precious that little monkey would become to Hudson.
 That night, we drove down to Rhedondo Beach to have dinner with my brother, his wife Jeanessa and their three week old son Greyson, but first we stopped and watched the sunset.
 I had been looking forward to holding Greyson since he was born. He is just a little guy, and he is a good baby. Turns out my little brother is a wonderful daddy and I can see the love he has for his little guy.
  The following Sunday was Greyson's baby blessing, so we went down to Rhedondo one more time. It was a gorgeous day. Hudson loved picking lemons from Brandon and Jenaessas tree which are now part of the center piece on my table.
 Once all the Christmas excitement was over, I knew it was time to begin potty training Hudson, and I could not be more proud of him and how quickly and easily he took to it. I didn't need to do any sticker charts or reward systems. Once he went pee pee on the potty the first time, it all just clicked for him. Going #2 has been a little more of a struggle. He tends to hold it because he is a little afraid of going on the potty, and he has a mild freak out once he can't hold it any longer, but just yesterday I noticed a change in this area too. We've gone out in public multiple times without having any accidents.
  We spent New Years Eve with Chloe and Sean this year. We got babysitters and went to dinner at Wood Ranch. It was a good time with my favorite people. Nathan and I stayed up past midnight  relaxing in bed sharing kisses.

 2014 was a wonderful year of fulfilled wishes and I look forward to 2015 and all it will bring, beginning with the birth of our baby girl this February.

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  1. We were so happy we could spend Christmad with you! I'm glad you live a blessed life.


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