Hudson's 3rd Birthday at Disneyland

 It was Hudson's last birthday as an only child, so we wanted to do something special. Disneyland was the perfect choice. I dressed Hudson up as Woody. I mean, all the little girls dress as princesses, so why cant he dress like Woody? He was a hit. All day long people pointed and said, "How cute!"

We had fun. We were able to ride a few new rides this time, and Hudson even went on Pirates for the first time. We was a little unsure about it, but he was very brave.

 For lunch, we ate at the thunder mountain BBQ ranch, and Hudson got a little cupcake so he could make a wish and he got a little birthday pin, so all day long the park workers wished him happy birthday.

It was another fun day! Except, strangely, Hudson did not want to take a picture with Woody this time. I was looking forward to getting one of them in matching outfits, but he just wasn't into it. 

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  1. Great pictures. Looks like a really fun day for all of you


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